Lens & Glass Cleaner ‘Sparkle Bright’


Natural, handmade lens and glass cleaner.
Sparkle Bright can be used on any kind of lenses and glass surfaces. It stops your spectacles from steaming up. Spectacles with anti glare takes a few seconds more to clear. You will be amazed of how well they clean spectacles, etc. It is hypoallergenic and made from carefully chosen and ethicly sourced, organic products made in uk. You can also use it all round the house: on tv screen, mirrors, windows, ipads, mobile phones, laptops. The cream is also antistatic, which means it prevents the glass surface from the dust. When you use sparkle bright you only need a very small amount to rub around using your finger tips and then just wipe it off/polish it with a dry clean tissue. Put your spectacles back on and you will be amazed how clean they are.

Water, Castile Soap, Organic Potato Starch, White Vinegar


Made in uk.

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