How to take care of your linen garments

Linen is hard-wearing and will serve you for many years – if treated properly. As the oldest known textile in the world, it comes from the flax plant, so as a natural fabric, we should treat it as naturally as possible. To ensure the maximum life of your linen garments, please follow our washing istructions carefully:

  • Hand or machine wash.
  • Use lukewarm water and mild detergent – machine wash at 30°.
  • Linen loves water and needs to move freely so try not to overload your washing machine.
  • If you hand wash linen – do not ring it or twist it as this can result in permanent creasing and losing shape.
  • Do not leave your clothes in water for too long as wooden or coconut shell buttons can fade or crack.
  • Never use bleach, which can yellow white linen.
  • Do not dry clean linen.
  • To dry, hang or lay flat and re-shape as necessary.
  • If you hang it to dry, take care as pegs may cause bumps in the fabric.
  • When dry, just shake it out and it’s ready to wear
  • Iron while still damp – don’t use too much pressure. You can use a steam iron.
  • Iron dark linen on the reverse side.

If you still have questions on care of your unique linen clothing, please drop us an email on