Our philosophy

We created the Eco & I brand to meet the demands of people who love mindful and creative thinking, who want to slow down and enjoy being as close to nature as possible and who care for the world we share.

All our clothes have been designed and created in harmony with nature, so the wearer can feel the soft and delicate touch of Mother Earth.

Linen, a fabric worn for thousands of years, has never stopped inspiring us. In creating this collection, we have brought the ancient world to meet the 21st century to create a real connection between those two worlds in our garments.

Meet the designer – Monika Gaertner

My passion for fine clothes and fashion came from my mum, who has been and still is, the best dressmaker I have ever met. As a child, I always had unique and rare clothes – all made by her.

Living by the sea, on the south coast of England allows me to be as close to nature as possible. A Master’s degree in psychology has given me a deep understanding of human nature and together with a love of the natural environment, I decided to work with linen, a natural, organic fabric.

As a child, living in the centre of Europe, surrounded by fields, I discovered that organic textiles are the best you can give to yourself. There is something magical about 100% linen – it lives its own life. It hangs beautifully and if treated properly, can be your best friend for many years.

Every piece I have created has been carefully designed, hand made with care and with the Earth and you in mind. I sincerely hope you will enjoy and appreciate wearing our clothes.