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Enjoy our high quality linen clothing and accessories as well as our amber and sterling silver jewellery and glass collection

linen shirts, tops and tunics

Beautiful tops, tunics and shirts for year-round style and comfort

linen skirts and dresses

100% natural linen dresses and skirts with attention to detail

linen jumpers and cardigans

Softened linen knitwear, cool and comfortable

Eco & I brand has been created to meet the demands of people who love mindful and creative thinking. Inspired by nature and a passion for ecological and sustainable fashion of the highest quality, our collection is both unique and timeless.

All linen used in our garments is sourced and hand made in Europe. Original designs and attention to detail with exquisite touches, such as beautiful coconut shell buttons, are what make this collection special.

amber accessories

Amazing glass vases/candle holders and jewellery made of Baltic amber and 925 Sterling Silver